The “Presentation” release – Slide over documents, make room for presentations

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Written by

Paula Tesch

Duarte, Slideshare, and PR Newswire equals the multimedia press release
The communications business is changing. Press release documents are becoming a thing of the past, because the medium is no longer the message. The relationship between the communications industry and technology needs to be shaken up. Or stirred.

To be fair, communications agencies are keeping up all right. They faithfully follow each successive technology, building capabilities to optimize for its communications and marketing potential – Twitter being a most recent example. But what’s next?

We think the answer is simple – it’s about getting back to basics. Creating compelling stories and connecting with your audience.

Audiences today have shorter attention spans – they want their content fast and expect to be entertained. Documents alone can’t do this. Presentations offer the chance to tell visually engaging stories. Their true potential is only just beginning to be discovered, and at Duarte, we think it’s been a long time coming. The bulleted slides and onscreen dissertations have given presentations a bad rap, and the clichéd images of handshakes and multicultural teams working side by side have good intentions… but you know what they say about those.

We couldn’t be more excited that presentations are being more widely recognized. This is thanks in (no small) part to companies like Slideshare, which is becoming an increasingly powerful communication platform. Slideshare gives presenters the ability to reach the world. And in case you haven’t heard… SlideShare announced that Online PR Newswire is giving presentations the props they deserve by allowing slideshare embeds in press releases.

…But beware! Developing compelling presentations is a lot harder than it looks. Not everyone can do them well, but for those armed with fundamentals of storytelling and design, there is a vast world of possibilities for connecting with audiences. You heard it here first. Presentations are the next big thing. Now go Twitter about it!