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Paula Tesch

It’s no secret that Duarte has a big crush on TED. As presentation people, and lovers of all things story, TED is the man of our dreams. This year, we declared our love by hosting #illustraTED, a tweet-stravaganza dedicated sharing content inspired by #TED talks. (And over the weekend, they reciprocated our love by posting a little write-up about our event!)

Our team live-sketched and live-tweeted, churning out visual notes, iconic graphics, quotes, ten-word summaries, a few haiku, and even a limerick. We had a great time, even after Twitter put the kibosh on the fun. (Did you know there’s a limit on the number of tweets you can tweet? Yeah, neither did we.)

We shared a few photos and videos below, but you can see ’em all in our Facebook album (no hourly limits there!) or time travel back to the event and review the @Duarte Twitter stream.

Big thanks to our followers for all the support, the wonderful people of TED for the continual inspiration, and of course, Duarte’s #illustraTED team for for being straight-up amazing.

Brene Brown TedTalk brainstorm

Inspired by Brene Brown (Artist: Erik Chappins)

TedTalk Brainstorm

Inspired by Cesar Kuriyama (Artist: Diandra Macias)

Art drawn on a shirt inspired by Bill Nye

Inspired by Bill Nye @TheScienceGuy (Artist: Jonathan Valiente)

Drawing of a monkey "evolution"

Inspired by Aaron Reedy (Artist: Jonathan Valiente)

Henrik Scharfe's TED in Ten Words

Henrik Scharfe’s TED in Ten Words

Brene Brown's TED Talk in Ten Words

Brene Brown’s TED Talk in Ten Words

Want to see sketch noting in action? Check out the making of video below.

Awele Makeba brainstorm for TedTalk

Inspired by Awele Makeba (Artist: Eric Albertson)