7 Insights from the Jabberwocky product launch

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Paula Tesch

Have you ever done a presentation for a product you didn’t believe in? How ’bout for a product that doesn’t even exist? In the most recent episode of Better Off Ted, the characters give an AWESOME presentation for a product that promises to “redefine business at the speed of information!” Too bad it doesn’t actually exist. Yet. The lighting scheme is great, though. And the dance moves can’t be beat.

Here are a few insights for Ted and Veronica, that you may find helpful, too:

  1. You need a product AND a presentation.
    Although the dot commers got away with this back in the day… you really do need to have something to offer. Your product, or your call to action, or your key message is the crux of the whole operation–it’s why you’re presenting in the first place! Take a step back and make sure you’ve got something to say.
  2. Don’t be cheetah… slooow dooown and take time to create your presentation.
    Cheetahs may be fast (and powerful,) but have you ever seen one give an effective presentation? My guess is no. Creating a presentation isn’t a race! You need time to organize your thoughts, plan your message, and select your visuals. Which brings me to my next point…
  3. Don’t be another cheetah… pay for your images.
    Cheetahs never win. At least not when it comes to swiping images from the web. Take the time to search for images, and spend a little money on them. There are great stock photography sites, where you can find photos for just a few bucks. And if that’s too much, check out flickr’s Creative Commons–the photos are beautiful and FREE*. Photography will (almost) always make your presentation more interesting, but the right photography will make it more impactful.
  4. Spend as much time practicing your presentation as you do your dance moves.
    Just like dance moves, presentations need rehearsal. Think of a high-stakes presentation as a recital. You’re on stage, everyone’s watching, and you need to show ‘em what you’ve got. Practice, practice, practice.
  5. Content is key.
    Buzz words are like cotton candy. Tastes great, but it disappears before you know it… leaving nothing but sticky fingers and a sugar buzz. Give your audience content, not cotton candy.
  6. Don’t be afraid to be a little vainglorious!
    Don’t just give ‘em the facts, give ‘em a show! Entertain your audience while you inform them. It’ll make your message as powerful as a cheetah. (This one, they got right.)
  7. Use pyrotechnics whenever you can.
    I mean, c’mon… they’re awesome.

Oh yes, and one more…

Bonus: A whale is a mammal, not a fish.
That’s just a good thing to know.

*Attribution is required, and permission depends on where said photo will be used. But still, FREE!