Empowering Cisco: Revamping presentation quality and consistency

Cisco banner
Cisco banner

Project background

For a large global corporation like Cisco, ensuring that employees create presentations that are consistent with the Cisco brand and have high quality content and visual design are significant challenges. Duarte provided a full audit of the Cisco template and recommended appropriate layouts based on the company’s typical content and use cases. Duarte also made sure that the back-end workings of the template was efficient and free from bugs or errors, making usability seamless. Finally, Duarte crafted a 55-page PDF that covers presentation best practices for creating content and clean, attractive design. This guidebook was written specifically for the Cisco audience in mind and could be easily understood by designers and non-designers alike.



The results

Communicating customized presentation best practices

Duarte’s tailored solutions optimized Cisco’s presentation consistency, design, and usability seamlessly.