5 Ways to Make PowerPoint Sing! (And Dance!)

When if comes to software, bells and whistles are great! If you know how to use them. Working in PowerPoint every day, we’ve learned a few tricks. So when Microsoft asked us to use latest version of PowerPoint to create a cinematic presentation, we couldn’t wait to show off our skills.

(Our excitement, Exhibit A: http://blog.duarte.com/2009/11/the-microsoft-office-2010-public-beta-is-available-and-we%E2%80%99re-in-it/)

We used PowerPoint 2010–and only PowerPoint 2010–to create a short trailer sharing “5 Rules for Creating Great Presentations.” (See below.) It includes everything from Photoshop-looking graphics to Flash-like animations, all done within PowerPoint.

Nancy recently took a turn as a guest writer on The PowerPoint Team Blog, to expand on the process, and outline the top “5 tips for Getting PowerPoint to Sing!” Check it out here.

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