#illustraTED | Duarte is Visualizing TED Talks All Week

Another TED Conference means another #illustraTED event at Duarte!

As the world’s best and brightest are converging in Long Beach for the 23rd annual TED Conference, we’re hunkering down here at Duarte, getting our pens and papers and devices ready to visualize, summarize, and share their brilliant speeches.

Last year, we assembled a team of writers and designers, and spent an afternoon live-tweeting, churning out visual notes, iconic graphics, quotes, ten-word summaries, some haiku poetry, and even a limerick.

This year, we’re doing it all again. Except it won’t be just one day, it’ll be all week! And this time, we won’t shut down Twitter. (We hope.)

Follow the action starting tomorrow, February 26.
Twitter: @duarte and @nancyduarte (search for #illustraTED)
Facebook: Duarte, Inc.

And, every day, we’ll post a summary right here on this very blog.

Check out the video and photos below, and get excited to see this year’s talks, #illustraTED!

Inspired by Brene Brown (Artist: Erik Chappins)

Inspired by Cesar Kuriyama (Artist: Diandra Macias)

Henrik Scharfe's TED in Ten Words

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