PowerPoint Presentation Notes

​When delivering a presentation in person, use arresting and cinematic visuals, similar to the slides below.

creativity Breakdown slides

When your presentation is over and someone says, “Hey, send me your slides,” these slides might be so sparse, they will make no sense to the reader without your verbal dialogue.

​Sparse slides can’t be fully understood as they travel through an organization without a presenter. So, how do you retain the integrity of the content, create a storyline that travels with the slides, and still keep it visually simple and clean? You need to create a slidedoc for follow-up reading.

​There’s a little-known “Notes Page” view that can combine an image of your slides with your script, and any other content you’d like.

Below is the default layout of the “Notes Page” view in PowerPoint®. You can see that the slide visual takes up the top half of the page and the text below defaults to a bulleted list.

using Notes Page in PowerPoint

​Many people don’t know that this layout is extremely modifiable. Not only can the Notes master be modified, but each Notes Page itself can have text, charts, quotes, and images added to it as separate and additional content that’s on the slide itself.

​You can add text in Notes view or the notes pane.

PowerPoint Notes layouts are flexible

​The image below is the default master. The image to the far right is a modified master.

notes view and notes pain in PowerPoint

​You can scale your slide to any size and place it anywhere on the master. Headers, footers, and body copy can be moved into any position you desire. The choices are endless.

​If you plan to only put your script in the notes, a layout similar to the default may work. If you plan to add supporting information or more graphics, consider scaling the slide and text size down to accommodate richer content.