Transform Your PowerPoint® Presentation Design Skills

Learn the secrets of the slide-making craft and transform the way you work in PowerPoint in this course, developed by Duarte’s own dynamite designers. We start with a bit of theory—five presentation design principles that’ll guide all your work. Then, we dive into PowerPoint, where you’ll learn to set up the program for speed and productivity, and use hidden features to make more effective, high-quality slides. The experience will forever transform the way you work in PowerPoint.

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We’re happy to send our facilitators to train your team at your location. We travel, so you don’t have to.

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Who Enjoys Slide Design Lab?

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Sales & Marketing

If you want to make your sales presentations your own, or whip up a sexy-looking deck to communicate with an exec, one day in this workshop will get you working with speed and style.

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Engineers & Analysts

It’s easy to lose the essence of your message in crowded data and charts that are lackluster. Learn to be neat and nimble: apply design principles to simplify your slides, and focus on what’s essential.


Individual Contributors

If you’re pretty good at PowerPoint, but you want to learn to work faster and produce polished work like a pro, this workshop will get you there.

What You’ll Get

You’ll Learn To:

  • Apply the Duarte SPACE design principles for non-designers
    (Simplify, Plan, Arrange, Consistency, and Emphasis)
  • Setup your PowerPoint user interface for faster, more proficient work
  • Create and use grids for a polished look
  • Work with photos so they convey information and look great
  • Get fast with keyboard shortcuts
  • Build better data slides with proper chart technique
  • Use animations and transitions with intention (so they’re not cheesy)
  • Stop fighting with SmartArt and add the zing that’ll make your slides stand out

This is a hands-on, practical extension of our VisualStory® and Slide:ology™ workshops. You’ll get more value from this course if you have completed one of these courses before you attend our Slide Design Lab.

Decades of Research

We base our presentation workshops on our best-selling books and on our experience working with thousands of clients over 30 years in the business. Sign up for our slide workshop and presentation design course and learn how to stand out.

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Questions & Answers

Have questions about what to expect at the Slide Design Lab?

Do I need a computer?

Yes—bring your computer! And please make sure it has the latest version of PowerPoint installed. Also, bring a mouse and your power cord.

Can I work on my own presentation?

Yes! We encourage everyone to bring problematic slides from their own presentations. You’ll have time at the end of the class to work on these slides and get advice from the instructor.

Is this a PowerPoint class or a design class?

A little bit of both, but we really focus on the real world application of PowerPoint techniques.

Do I need to be a designer?

No! In fact, we recommend that non-designers take this course to learn how to apply basic design principles to their presentations. If you are a trained designer we recommend you check out our Resonate course to help you apply storytelling methodology to your design.

How do I know if this PowerPoint class is right for my skill level?

– If you use PowerPoint a couple of times a week, and want to know how to better use things like Alignment Tools, then this is the right workshop for you.

– If you use PowerPoint once every six months or so, then this workshop might be too advanced.

– If you use PowerPoint everyday, some of the content will seem elementary, but you’ll still learn best practices for design and pick up a new technique or two.

Do you offer this slide workshop for our team onsite at our company?

Yes! We’ll come to your office and teach your team to improve their presentation design. We always see increased confidence and better communication from people once they’ve completed the training. For an additional fee you can also have us customize work in your corporate template, using typical problematic slides from your organization.

What are your cancellation and substitution policies?

Here’s everything you need to know about our Slide Design Lab public workshop cancellation policy.

How can I contact you with questions on public workshops?

Please drop us an email at contact@duarte.com or call us at 650-625-8200.

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We’ll help you figure out which presentation skills workshop is right for you and your team. Contact us through the form to discuss onsite presentation skills workshops, public workshops, our ecourse, or anything training related.