Goodbye Dense Slides

Visual Documents Highlight Your Key Messages

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Dense slides can really stifle the power of a presentation. After all, who can pay attention to a presenter when there are wordy sentences projected on the screen in front of you?

Sometimes, projected presentations aren’t the best way to deliver information—particularly if you’re creating in-depth research reports, analyses, or strategies that people need time to consider and process. In these cases, we turn to Slidedocs. Slidedocs are visual documents that pair words and images to make information easily digestible. They are handed out and read, as opposed to being projected like a typical presentation.

If you feel like your presentation is filled with dense slides that can be confusing, Slidedocs may be a great solution for you. In this explanation of Slidedocs, we show you real-world examples of slides that weren’t working—then how we helped a company fix them using Slidedocs.

In this guide to Slidedocs, you’ll learn:

  • Why the persuasive power of pairing visuals and words is so effective in presentations
  • How to condense information to keep text skimmable, and thus, easily understood
  • How to highlight information on dense slides so people notice what’s important
  • How Slidedocs can be used alongside a presentation to enhance it