We did not invent presentations.
We simply decided they matter.
And we resolved to make them better.

Thought Leadership

We love presentations. We love them because they translate information into inspiration. They transform audiences into movements. They give ideas a chance to turn the world upside down. At Duarte, we strive to create visual, audience-focused presentations that motivate, inspire, and persuade. But more than that we want to elevate the quality of everyday communications and provide the masses with the tools to incite a presentation revolution.


The power of presentations is rooted in our craving for human connection. When two or more people come together to exchange ideas, something bigger is born: a shared experience that aligns their minds and moves them forward with unified momentum.

Yet most presentations fall short of this promise, and so we dedicated our lives to making them better. For the past 25 years, our designers, writers, thinkers, and doers have put presentations of all shapes and sizes through the mill. We studied their structures to see what made the best ones tick. We sought inspiration in film, fine art, literature, and rhetoric. And we codified it all in a VisualStory™ methodology designed to shape ideas into presentations that shift audience beliefs and behavior.


In the theater of presentations, the audience is the hero and the presenter is the mentor. Learn what moves audiences, find common ground, and inspire them with a compelling reason to change.


Story structures are inherently persuasive. Craft a narrative that uses proven techniques from oratory and storytelling traditions to ignite excitement, overcome resistance, and motivate action.


If people can see what you’re saying, they’ll understand it. Use visual thinking and smart design to conceptualize your ideas and convey information clearly and powerfully.


A potent idea packaged well takes on a life of its own. Invite interaction and accelerate the reach of your ideas with presentations that spread content across multiple channels.

Nancy Duarte

Presentations have quite literally changed Nancy Duarte’s life. Her passion for creating compelling, persuasive communication has inspired her mission to help others tell stories that spark meaningful action. Her journey from failing a college course in public speaking to leading an agency that is re-imagining the medium of presentations has taught her many lessons on the power of communication to change the world. Audiences leave inspired and armed with tools to transform their communications.

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Thought Leadership

Create Connections


Slidedocs fill the gap between long-form documents and front-of-the-room presentations. Building effective visual communications that your audience can pre-read, reference, and share will streamline meetings, enhance presentations, and spark conversations that encourage the spread of your ideas—even when you can’t be there to present them.


Decades of presentation mastery from cover to cover. Learn the secrets of story, design, and delivery from the kings of the craft. We don’t care if you write in them, dog-ear the pages, or loan them to friends—the only thing that should be collecting dust is your competition.