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Communications consulting

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Keynotes, sales presentations, internal events, brand stories. Our communications consulting services will move your audience with powerful storytelling, captivating visuals, and meaningful communication strategies.

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An effective communication strategy is critical. You need to rise above the noise, be clear, and connect with your audience in a meaningful way, and that’s hard.

Working with a Duarte communications consultant makes it easy because that is our brand promise: It’s a breath of fresh air. We will help you choose the right messages, structure your story, and visualize it in a way that works for your specific audience.

Strategic communications consulting helps leaders with message strategy, storytelling, internal communication, presentations, and speaker coaching, specializing in high-stakes moments for top-performing brands.

An example of a VMware slide.
A large collage of people's faces in a circle, with a blue shield on one side and a green lock symbol on the other side.
An example slide showing statistics about increasing productivity.
A couple of slides showing smiling people surrounded by predictive models and data.
A couple slides showing a futuristic car by Qualcomm.
A couple slides showing mobile shopping information.
A collection of colorful slides showing happy people and wallets.
Green turf, with the text "Connected Brand".
Three screenshots of live videos with emoji reactions.
Two soccer players on a slide, with emoji reactions and text that reads: "Content creation has been democratized."

Featured case study

Duarte + Qualcomm: Snapdragon Summit

When you’re in the business of pushing the limits of computer processing, how do you visualize the possibilities? With Duarte.

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How top organizations had their stories come to life

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The Duarte Method in a Venn Diagram, with empathy at the center.

Why it works, The Duarte Method™

For over 35 years our empathy-powered framework has driven the communication success of leading global brands. It’s who we are.

  • Educators who teach you actionable, lifelong skills
  • Pragmatists who show you how to create winning deliverables
  • Creatives who help you reimagine your story
  • Business experts who implement and execute comprehensive plans for strategic communication

How Duarte works for you

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Fast-track your talk with an expert-led Accelerator Lab™

Build a strong audience-focused vision, narrative, and the visuals for your talk through guided, interactive working sessions. We facilitate the process every step of the way, and you’ll leave amazed and inspired by the challenges you’ve overcome and what you’ve built.

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Academy courses

Keep growing with enterprise and individual training

Education is a lifelong process. Our Duarte Academy® courses, based on over 35 years of extensive experience and our research-based best-selling books, help you:

Level up your teams, improve corporate communication, and build up your leaders. Classes available in person, live online, and on demand.

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