Unite Your Presentation Around One Point

Just as your presentation should have a single Big Idea, each slide should also focus on a single, core point.

​Putting each idea on a single slide allows you to eliminate distractions and focus the audience’s attention.

​The one-idea-per-slide mentality will also keep you focused as you write your slidedoc and prevent you from overelaborating.

​Presentation software is especially useful for keeping you honest in that regard. Begin authoring your presentation by putting your ideas for topics and subtopics on individual slides.

​Once you’ve settled on a certain number of topics, these ideas will become your page titles. As you develop the supporting content, use the title as a litmus test to tell whether or not you’re staying on topic.

​If you find yourself crowding the slide with words, then you may have strayed off topic. Either edit your slide down or create a new subtopic on another slide.

​If you do create another slide, make sure it supports the overall point you’re making with your presentation and that it really is relevant to your audience. If not, the content may be extraneous.

​Remember, it’s less about demonstrating what you know, and more about making the information easy to consume and understand. Curb the temptation to create a full explanation of everything you know about the topic.