Brand and product storytelling

You have a powerful story. Make it move your audience.

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Because your brand story matters

You’ve got something new. You’re launching a product or a service. You might be relaunching your brand. No matter what, there’s a story behind it.

You need to tell that brand story in a way that connects with your audience. You need to move them to take action. With Duarte, you can.

Find the simple story. Align your organization. And present it in a way that matters, no matter what the medium.

A person in front of a large audience gives a keynote presentation focused on "Modernize Cloud Infrastructure."

Bring your brand narrative and product storytelling to life

Expressing your brand narrative or new product in a clear and compelling story is a super power for your organization. When you do it well, the brand story will gain traction with the people you need to persuade most. And when you do it well in presentation form, you equip everyone in your organization to repeat that story just as you intended — with the right brand voice, key messages, and emotive heft.

For your team

  • Engage in the ideas most important to brand and product performance
  • Rally internal teams around a new vision
  • Enable your sales team
  • Create flawless brand template systems

For your audience

  • Bring your brand and values to life with stories and visuals
  • Elevate your brand with cinematic presentations
  • Focus messaging for specific audiences
  • Demystify product complexities

Discover your brand identity

Your potential customers care about a great story — theirs. Your marketing strategy needs to tie your brand identity into what they need. That’s how you build real brand loyalty.

Effective product and brand storytelling starts with a good story, and is rooted in empathy. We’ll help you discover your brand story, create an effective narrative, and carry that storytelling technique across all your in-person and digital marketing efforts.

Your brand identity needs to be everywhere. It needs to resonate for your potential customers. You need to build the message that moves your market.

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Featured case study

How a Fortune 5 company builds their message

What happens when a Fortune 5 technology firm invests in clear and effective messaging as well as communication culture? Magic! We’ve been honored to serve this brand for over 30 years.

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Get ready to clarify your story

You have unique value. You have a unique point of view. It’s time to get your team telling your story. Your audience will listen.

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Empathy is the basis to successful brand and product storytelling

Duarte focuses on your audience first, because it’s empathy that will help you move their hearts and minds. We will help you communicate your message, to your people, and with the most impactful ways to get your story out there.


Structure ideas to be clear and relatable, no matter how complex.


Unite your team in a shared understanding of what your audience needs to hear and see.


Infuse your presentations with motion, video, or meaningful visualizations that stir lasting impressions.

Tailor your message for every audience

No matter your audience, there’s an ideal way to reach them. Here are some of the types of targeted messaging we help you create around your singular story.

  • Executive and product leader keynotes
  • Product launches
  • Executive briefing center shows
  • Sales enablement
  • Internal presentation and events
  • Modular presentations

Have existing presentation materials? ​​We can help prioritize the investments you should make for the greatest brand and product lift.

A woman gestures with her hands while talking with someone at a conference table.
A woman stands next to a white board in a conference room while talking with her colleagues.

Fast-track your talk with an expert-led Accelerator Lab™

Build a strong audience-focused vision, narrative, and the visuals for your talk through guided, interactive working sessions. We facilitate the process every step of the way, and you’ll leave amazed and inspired by what you’ve built.

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