Not an Apple Store Today…

…can keep Nancy away.

Some of you may know Nancy recently spoke at San Francisco’s Apple store. Well, if you East Coasters were jealous of your Western brethren, you’re in luck! While in New York, Nancy will be speaking at the Apple store in SoHo. So head on down to the corner of Prince and Greene this Monday night, and don’t let us San Francisco hippies be the only ones who get enjoy the show.

Who: Nancy Duarte
What: Creating Great Presentations
When: Monday, 11/24 @ 6:30pm
Where: Apple Store, SoHo
103 Prince Street
New York City, NY 10012

image courtesy of flickr user Midnight Talker

By the way, if anyone has any recommendations for good eats in New York, let us know…

The Big Apple may be home to great cuisine, but it’s got a hard act to follow-Pittsburgh held its own! Nancy took Ryan to celebrate his birthday at a beautiful restaurant called Eleven, and they gave it RAVE reviews.

Le Mont on Mt. Washington wasn’t too shabby either! It overlooks USA Today’s #2 pick on its list of the “Ten Most Beautiful Places in America.” With a view of the entire Pittsburgh skyline, and Steelers’ Stadium, where in New York can compare?!

image courtesy of flickr user charnessa


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