It’s fun to share with Cops That Care

Throughout the year, Duarte host several events to raise money for one goal: purchasing a veritable mountain of toys! … that we donate to Mountain View’s “Cops That Care” program, who then distributes the gifts to children in need of a little—or a lot—of holiday cheer.

Although I must admit it’s very tempting to keep them.

I will also admit that the raising of the funds isn’t too terrible. From the good old fashioned bake sales and Taco Tuesdays, to screen-printing parties and extravagant auctions and raffles, we have a great time parting with our dollars.

Duarte has been collecting and matching donations for several years now, but this year, we toted a camera along, and captured photos of children’s sheer delight. And we’ll share those with you now. Because, obviously, we’re really good at sharing.

A little more info about Cops That Care program:

This wildly successful event, founded by Officer Ron Cooper, provides gifts for children whose families may not have the means to purchase gifts on their own.  Children who have an affiliation to the Mountain View community will be able to visit the North Pole (also known as the Police/Fire Auditorium at 1000 Villa St.) and select a toy from the thousands available.

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Happy Holidays from the Duarte Family!

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