VisualStory® 2 Day

Persuasion is the currency of business communication – and those who master communicating through presentations rise faster than their peers, reach more customers than their competitors, and turn ideas into groundswells. But presentations are broken. The only proof you need is sitting through the next presentation delivered by your colleague, your boss or your vendor. The presentation paradigm must be changed in order for all the brilliant ideas to be heard. But how?

Duarte’s VisualStory® 2 Day workshop establishes a new method of content development and presentation design that dramatically improves persuasive communication. Topics include:

Day 1

  • The Power and Structure of Story
  • The Presentation Form – the shape of great communications
  • Audience Journey – and your role as the presenter
  • The StoryMap – writing content that resonates with your audience

Day 2

  • Visual clarity – define Signal and Noise
  • Visualize information – tools to turn words into pictures and data into stories
  • Storyboarding techniques – quick sketching to try out ideas
  • Arrange elements for clear communication
  • Visual unity – applying design thinking to presentations

See what it’s like to attend the workshop:

VisualStory 2Day Workshop Overview from Duarte on Vimeo.

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