Slidedocs - Visual Documents

When You Need More Than A Presentation

Download Slidedocs, The Visual Documents

You know we love presentations, but sometimes loving means letting go right? Presentations aren’t the best way to deliver some types of information. Sometimes, people need to digest ideas at their own pace, or they need more in-depth information than presenters can provide.

Enter Slidedocs. Slidedocs are tangible documents that pair words and images to deliver and clarify information. Slidedocs are handed out and read, not projected and watched.

In this explanation of Slidedocs, we lay out what they are, as well as why they are an effective communication alternative to presentations. We also explain when you should choose to use them as a vehicle for delivering your info.

In this guide to Slidedocs, you’ll learn:

  • Why visuals are so powerful for communicating information
  • Why presentations aren’t helpful for delivering info that needs immediate feedback
  • Different scenarios where documents are more useful than projected slides
  • How Slidedocs can be used for more productive meetings and conversations
  • Why Slidedocs are useful if a presenter isn’t present to clarify slides