Illuminate™ Virtual Workshop

Lead change by communicating well at each step of the journey

Learn how to sustain interest and commitment by delivering an ongoing stream of meaningful and relevant communication—articulated with clarity, certainty, and empathy.

What You’ll Learn in Illuminate

What You’ll Learn in Illuminate
  • Delve into the needs of audiences at each stage of the change journey
  • Explore the specific roles that stories, speeches, ceremonies and symbols play​ at each stage
  • Craft and share a story about change using the classic three-act story structure​

Who Benefits From Illuminate?

Who Benefits From Illuminate? Who Benefits From Illuminate?

A leader is anyone who can see a better future and rally people to help make their vision a reality.

In the Illuminate virtual workshop, we’ll explore the story structure inherent in every change journey, reveal tools your teams can use to communicate through the journey, and help you recall and share your change stories.

Understand the journey of change and the role story plays in it

Empathetically understand what people need to hear from you

Identify the right types of communication to pull on in a particular moment

Infuse speeches, stories, ceremonies, and symbols into your change communication

Illuminate Virtual Workshop Quotes

What Learners Say

“The latest in the top-notch line-up of Duarte workshops, this content will make any leader, change practitioner, or budding storyteller better at their craft. Applying the learnings in this half-day session will make you a more effective communicator, leader, and student of humanity.”

Amy H., Chief of Staff – Human Resources

“We’ve all seen change efforts that have gone sideways. Illuminate gives refreshing ‘how-to’s’ for guiding people through change with effectiveness and empathy.”

Lisa D., Program Director – Environment & Stewardship

The Virtual Illuminate Experience

You’ll stay engaged and entertained during this half-day live virtual workshop. You’ll do solo work, group work, and even collaborate in breakout rooms with other professionals. The learning doesn’t stop when the workshop is over. Through four-weeks of post-workshop learning emails you’ll get the practice you need to cement your new skills.

Teaching + Demos

Led by your expert facilitator

Virtual Interaction

Engage with interactive functionality including chats and annotations


Dedicated class time to work on your communication piece

Group Activities

Discuss and share your learnings within a group and with partners

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