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Learn to powerfully communicate your ideas, even when you’re not in the room

Slidedocs are skimmable, visual documents that make wonderful pre-reads or leave-behinds for important conversations.

What You’ll Learn in Slidedocs

What You’ll Learn in Slidedocs
  • Write a Slidedoc
  • Add content into a Slidedoc template
  • Customize a Slidedoc template
  • Share and distribute a Slidedoc
  • Embed a Slidedoc into a presentation

Who Benefits From Slidedocs?

Who Benefits From Slidedocs? Who Benefits From Slidedocs?

When you need more than an email to explain your idea, turn to Slidedocs. These skimmable, visual documents seamlessly integrate graphics and words, communicating your ideas for you when you’re not in the room.

With videos and interactive exercises, this course teaches you to create Slidedocs from scratch. Register now and learn how to bring your ideas to life.

Persuade your audience, even when you’re not in the room, by combining powerful visuals and prose

Adapt live presentation slides into stunning leave-behinds that fully explain your message

Create magazine-like reading experiences, even if you’re not a designer

Access templates you can customize to match your brand’s look and fee
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What Learners Say

“Slidedocs is an excellent course. Quick, concise modules with relevant, easy -to-use content. Thanks!”

Slidedocs Online Course Learner

“Thank you for such a good course, with excellent onscreen demonstrations, recaps, resources, and beautiful templates for this innovative business communication tool. I appreciated the structure of the course and realized that it mirrors the foundational principles Michael and Nancy teach us in the course about understanding and creating Slidedocs. The value delivered with this course far exceeds the cost!”

Slidedocs Online Course Learner

“I found the class to be comprehensive yet easily digestible. It definitely evolved my skills!”

Slidedocs Online Course Learner

“I appreciate the focused content and reasonable time commitment for this course. Formatting the notes master as a Slidedoc was my favorite tip!”

Slidedocs Online Course Learner

“This is a great synthesis of how to create a gorgeous Slidedoc shaped as a 90-minute training. Really good.”

Slidedocs Online Course Learner

The Slidedocs Online Experience

Through 23 easy-to-reference video modules, quizzes, and interactive content we’ll guide you through the online course as you access it with your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You’ll get hands-on practice exercises and accompanying files, as well as access to Nancy Duarte’s ebook, Slidedocs.

Group 1959@2x

90-minute course

Group 1980@2x
Teaching + Demos

58 Easy-to-reference video modules

Group 1986@2x

Videos, quizzes, and exercises designed for effective learning

Group 1994@2x

Searchable reference guide for post-workshop learning


Access anytime, anywhere for a full year

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