Resonate® Online Course

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Learn to structure a persuasive presentation

Apply lessons from story and cinema to structure your presentation, grab your audience’s attention, and initiate action.

What You’ll Learn in Resonate

What You’ll Learn in Resonate
  • Establish context
  • Generate content
  • Construct a Story
  • Connect to the audience

Who Benefits From Resonate?

Who Benefits From Resonate? Who Benefits From Resonate?

Ideas have the potential to create a groundswell but often we give presentations that fail to engage and inspire action. Why? Because we miss the opportunity to use the power of story to move our audiences.

We’ve found that the most influential presentations use story principles. The Resonate online course will reshape the way you develop content, using story structure and audience empathy. It’s not about building presentations; it’s about building persuasive presentations.

Analyze your audience to deliver them value, even when they resist

Clarify the core of your idea and construct content that supports it

Craft content with the story structure used by the greatest communicators in history

Transform your audience from feeling and thinking one way, to feeling and thinking in a new way

Distill and communicate complex ideas with clarity
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What Learners Say

“This course will give you valid and valuable theory, principles, and tools to craft a story structure that will make your strategy great, make it work harder, and make it happen–simply because it will resonate better with the people who it should matter to. “

Resonate Online Course Learner

“The content was great. The delivery was engaging. Being able to go back to it over the course of a year to help the ideas sink in is hopefully going to be a big win of this course too.”

Resonate Online Course Learner

“The videos were amazing, and this is by far the best online class I’ve ever taken. The way this is shot was keeping me engaged with Kevin the whole time. Usually with online classes, you tend to multitask while watching, in this one, you guys kept me focused—this is some kind of magic!”

Resonate Online Course Learner

“I really enjoyed this course. The short 3-5 minute videos and tracking table of contents made it easy to stay focused and navigate.”

Resonate Online Course Learner

“This course was the best I’ve experienced. Bravo! Thank you! Time and money well spent!”

Resonate Online Course Learner

The Resonate Online Experience

Through 55 easy-to-reference video modules, quizzes, and interactive content we’ll guide you through the online course as you access it with your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You’ll get hands-on practice exercises and accompanying files, as well as access to the multimedia version of Nancy Duarte’s book Resonate.

Group 1959@2x

4-hour course

Group 1980@2x
Teaching + Demos

55 Easy-to-reference video modules

Group 1986@2x

Videos, quizzes, and exercises designed for effective learning

Group 1994@2x

Searchable reference guide for post-workshop learning

Group 1963@2x

Multimedia version of Nancy Duarte’s book, Resonate


Access anytime, anywhere for a full year

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