Discover the elements of a powerful story, and how to apply them so your ideas get heard. 

In this engaging, documentary-style course, you’ll learn essential story structuring and presentation principles, plus practical strategies to create stories that convince and inspire.

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Course Details

  • 4-hour course 
  • 55 easy-to-reference video modules
  • Videos, quizzes, and exercises designed for effective learning
  • Searchable reference guide for post-workshop learning
  • Multimedia version of Nancy Duarte’s book, Resonate
  • Access anytime, anywhere (computer, smartphone, tablet) for a full year

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Benefits for You and Your Team

  • Distill complex topics down to the big ideas
  • Learn how to structure your talk in a way that’s engaging and persuasive
  • Create more engaging and effective presentations 
  • Think about your presentations in a narrative form
  • Understand persuasion techniques so you can rally people towards a common goal

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What Learners Think

I think this is a great course that helps structure your presentation to be more of a story rather than just information sharing. There were several one liners from the facilitator that got me thinking. For example: "What's their world like without my idea", "The audience is the Hero - you are the mentor", "Rehearse being spontaneous", "I will not trust your vision for my future unless you understand my current reality", "Start your presentation by unsettling the audience with the what is and move to the what could be". To sum it up, the course has provided me with a solid base for how an effective presentation should be and creating some thought starters.
Brad Humbert
The content was great. The delivery was engaging. Being able to go back to it over the course of a year to help the ideas sink in is hopefully going to be a big win of this course too.
Connie Huwe
The videos were amazing, this is by far the best online class I ever took. The way this is show was keeping me engaged with Kevin and other people. Usually with online class, you tend to multitask while watching, in this one, you guys kept me focused. This is some kind of magic!
Johan Arens
This course will give you valid and valuable theory, principles, tools to craft a story structure that will make your strategy great, make it work harder and make it happen - simply because it will resonate better with the people who it should matter to. This by making it truthful, consistent and compelling by focusing on the purpose - the North Start and the steps that will compel your audience to embark on the quest to reach for that vision to come true.
Martin Gjerlaff

Course Curriculum

Power of Story
  • Introduction
  • Common Content Challenges
  • Practice
  • Story
Audience as Hero
  • Who am I talking to?
  • A Master Storyteller: Reagan
  • Duarte Facilitators on Audience
  • Practice
  • Common Audience Challenges
Big Idea
  • What’s a Big Idea?
  • Duarte Facilitators on Big Idea
  • Practice
  • Examples: Big Ideas
Common Ground
  • Common Ground
  • Practice
Developing Content
  • Brainstorming Content
  • Practice
The Presentation Form
  • The Shape of Story
  • Examples
  • Duarte Facilitators on Content
  • Contrast
  • Participant 1:1
  • Practice
  • Shaping the Presentation
  • Practice
  • Duarte Facilitators on StoryForm
  • Call to Action, New Bliss
  • Final Thoughts

Meet Your Instructors

Nancy Duarte
Nancy Duarte

Nancy Duarte is a communication expert who has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, Wired, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, and on CNN. Her firm, Duarte, Inc., is the global leader behind some of the most influential visual messages in business and culture. As a persuasion expert, she cracked the code for effectively incorporating story patterns into business communications. She’s written five best-selling books, four of which have won awards.

Kevin Friesen
Kevin Friesen

For over 20 years, Kevin worked in the social sector developing people and programs to serve their communities. In 2007, he founded NextStep Bridges, a non-profit business that facilitated collaborations and partnerships with various players in the social sector. In 2011, Kevin joined the faculty at Duarte Academy and has led over 400 workshops with over 100 brands and thousands of individuals across the world.

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