The most successful people seem to have an innate charisma. They captivate their audiences when they speak and they get support when they ask for it. You’ve got the same power to charm and sway. You already have the expertise, now you just want to feel confident about your delivery.

Duarte’s public speaking workshops go far beyond your typical speaker coaching. We’ll help you discover your core strengths and develop the traits of the world’s most captivating speakers: dynamism, comfort, and empathy.

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We host public workshops year-round in cities nationwide. You can be sure to always find one at our HQ in Santa Clara, CA. But, if you’d rather have us over, we’re happy to send our facilitators to train your team at your location. We travel, so you don’t have to.

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Who Enjoys Captivate?

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Sales & Marketing

Your everyday interactions with partners, colleagues, and customers are peppered with presentations. Make them more effective by delivering confidently.


Engineers & Analysts

You’ve got complex data, and you need to articulate it clearly, confidently and make it meaningful to a variety of audiences.


Executives & Leadership

You’re in the public eye—pitching to investors, shareholders, or the public—and you want to increase your authority and make a strong impression.

What You’ll Get

Price $1,995

You’ll Learn To:

  • Evaluate your public speaking strengths and weaknesses
  • Become more comfortable, empathetic, and dynamic when you present
  • Engage your audience by applying vocal variety and dynamic body language
  • Ease your nerves by “walking the space”
  • Find your power physically, emotionally, and mentally
  • Underscore the moments you want the audience to remember
  • Deliver your message with relaxed confidence

Decades of Research

We base our workshops on our best-selling books and on our experience working with thousands of clients over 30 years in the presentation business. Sign up for our advanced presentation skills training and learn how to stand out.

Our Clients

We can also bring these workshops to your location.
Explore a workshop, and contact us to learn more.

Questions & Answers

Have questions about what to expect at the captivate workshop?

Do you offer this public speaking workshop for our team onsite at our company?

Yes! We’ll come to your office and teach your team how to improve their persuasive public speaking. Our presentation delivery techniques will help them emerge as clear and confident communicators.

Do I need to bring a laptop to the workshop?

No, all of our work is analog and verbal.

Will I be speaking in front of the group?

Yes! Please bring a five-minute talk (or a five-minute section of a longer talk). You’ll be delivering it at least four times over the course of the day.

What can my talk be about?

Really, anything. We’ve had people give Q4 earnings reports, company overviews, bridesmaid’s speeches, and a talk on “Why everyone should own a dog.” Our suggestion, though, is that you bring something that’s high stakes. Something you want to get better at presenting persuasively. Something that can be used to test you, challenge you, and help you grow.

What if I’ve got a fear of public speaking?

Don’t worry. Our instructors work hard to make the room feel safe for everyone. Not only that, but you’ll learn throughout the day how to shift your focus outward and connect with your audience instead of your fears.

Do you use video recording in Captivate to show me what I’m doing wrong?

No, we don’t use video recording as a learning tool in Captivate. Watching video of yourself is a very helpful tool when rehearsing your talk (and we encourage it!), but it only serves as a distraction when we have multiple participants and live, one-on-one coaching.

Will I be transformed by the end of the day?

No. But no single-day public speaking seminar can do that. By the end of the day, you’ll get a sense of what your presentation strengths are and how to leverage them as well as areas where you can—and will—continue to grow. We’ll also give you tools to continue the improvement you’ll see and feel during the Captivate public speaking seminar.

Will there be breaks?

Yes, and snacks, too! You’ll have chances to check your email and stay in the loop. But, overall, we want you focused and engaged throughout the day so you can become more captivating.

Is this class just a bunch of do’s and don’ts like, “Don’t say ‘um.’”

No. It’s different than that—and better. Sure, we talk about the traits great presenters possess—and the ones they don’t. But, our goal is to get under the surface and try to get to why you may be doing certain things (or not doing other things) so you see long-term growth and improvement.

What is your cancellation and substitution policy?

Here’s everything you need to know about our public speaking workshop cancellation policy.

How can I contact you with questions on public speaking workshops?

Please drop us an email at contact@duarte.com or call us at 650-625-8200.

The shared language and framework from your training gave us the tools and confidence to find and tell our story.”
Rebecca Buck UX Research, Salesforce IoT Clo

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We’ll help you figure out what workshop is right for you and your team. Contact us through the form to discuss onsite workshops, public classes, our ecourses, or anything training related.