Presentation and Communication Skills Workshops

Duarte helps people and organizations worldwide communicate with greater impact and influence using the Duarte Method.™  We offer a range of courses to help learners grow their communication skills, including mastery of story, design, and delivery principles. 

The Presentation Spectrum

Start by learning to structure and visualize your content, then follow the path to technical mastery and confident delivery. Or, choose the workshop that targets your biggest opportunity for growth.


Learn to apply lessons from story and cinema to structure your presentation, grab your audience’s attention, and initiate action.


Build a recommendation from data utilizing story structure to explain the problem or opportunity in your data. Inspire others by making data stick.


Write your next presentation using the combined power of story and illustrative visuals. You’ll form a connection with your audience and have the chance to transform them.

Captivate for Virtual Communication

Engage your audience and come across as comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic. Also learn best practices for setting up your virtual environment and technology.

Slide Design

Stop wasting your time in PowerPoint® and learn to move fast and design clean, compelling slides. This hands-on lab gives you skills you can put to use immediately. Available as Corporate Onsite or Online Course.


Improve your presence and impact in front of an audience. Our inside-out approach leverages your strengths and eliminates bad habits.

& In-Person

We offer virtual and in-person workshops nationwide and at your office. Our new virtual workshops will be delivered via the Zoom web conferencing platform.

By using all the features of Zoom meetings to their fullest, we have created a highly interactive, everybody-contributes learning experience purpose-built to hold the interest of an online audience and help make learning stick.

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Online Courses

We have four fun and powerful online courses:

Resonate: Learn how to structure a persuasive presentation using story principles.

Persuasive Presentations: Get a broad view of story, design, and delivery. Based on the HBR Guide.

Slide Design: Discover the theory behind great presentation design, then gain the skills to bring presentations to life.

Slidedocs: Create skimmable, visual documents that will bring your messages to life even when you’re not there to present them.

Choose the one that’s right for you.

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Virtual Speaker Coaching

Whether you’re presenting to your teams, supervisors, customers, or to other stakeholders, what you say–and how you say it–matters. Duarte’s Virtual Speaker Coaching Packages combine our tested methodologies with 1:1 coaching to give you the personalized guidance you need to persuade and inspire your audiences.

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The Duarte work has been very well received by our team and we’re seeing a marked difference in how we tell our stories. It has definitely shifted the way the team thinks about their communication through the lens of storytelling, and it has improved the quality of our presentations.”
Laci Marden Vice President of Partner Marketing Strategy, Wells Fargo

Our Clients

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We’ll help you figure out which presentation skills workshop is right for you and your team. Contact us to discuss onsite presentation skills workshops, public workshops, our ecourse, or anything training related.

Our presentation skills workshops can help if:

  • You need a presentation development process that you and your team can use again and again
  • You want training you can fall back on when you’re onboarding new team members
  • You’ve got a great story and message, but you fall short when it comes to delivering it
  • You’re writing presentations for other people