Firsts and Lasts at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco

I have two pieces of big news about MacWorld to share. Firstly, the upcoming January 2009 expo is the last time Apple will show up to their own partymaclogoThat’s kinda like Jim Jones not showing up for the Kool-Aid, but I guess there’s a time for all things to end.

Secondly, yours truly will be presenting at the MacWorld on Wednesday the 7th. I’m speaking in the O’Reilly Media booth (#2210) at 11 AM to deliver a presentation called “Pimp my Slide”. (Gosh, I love my publisher.)

Then, from 1 to 2:15 PM on Wednesday, I’m speaking at the Users Conference in the Create track and will be presenting “Using Visual Thinking & Design to Transform Your Next Presentation (US914)” . Maybe I’ll present with PowerPoint instead of Keynote to boycott Apple’s non-support of their own cult.reboot-button-trans

Other upcoming speaking engagements
you might be interested in:

Winter/Spring: Workshops at Duarte Design in Mountain View
February 22 to 25th: VizThink conference in San Jose
March 17, 18 or 19: Presentation//reboot with Garr Reynolds

Nancy Duarte


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