Diary Tips

Favorite fan mail…that has made it through

I *heart* fan mail. There is nothing better than hearing from you guys. We’ve been getting so much mail that we’ve decided to take the load off by setting up specific accounts for different needs. Our goal is to stay better organized so we can respond to your questions faster.

If you’re interested in working with us on a project, contact: info@duarte.com
If your question is specific to our workshops or webinars, send it to: training@duarte.com
For all things media-related, including speaking engagements, contact: tracy@duarte.com
All fan mail, and additional questions/comments go to: comments@duarte.com

We recently realized that “slideology@duarte.com” has been dropping emails into a black hole instead of our inbox, so if you’ve sent something in the last year, please send it again but one of the above addresses… we’re so sorry to have missed you.

I’d like to share one piece of mail that did make it through…because it is one of my absolute favorites. Admittedly I have received thank you notes on personal stationary from some cool people, like Phil Knight (Nike), Al Gore (VP), Warren Buffet (very rich nice dude), but this one takes the cake.


Isn’t that nice?

It’s from a guy named Scott Lynch who works at Sustain Dane, a nonprofit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. He decided to apply slide:ology principals to his family’s holiday newsletter. He delivered the essential info of a holiday letter–what do you look like, what have you been up to, what are you thinking about? And to avoid the two pages of 10-point drivel, he made it visual so people with a 21st-century attention span could be entertained.



Great work Scott! Keep it up.

Nancy Duarte