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3 Lessons Learned From the Return to Hybrid Presenting

Hybrid Presenting

You can call it a comeback—we’ve been here already. Long before closets became home offices and kitchen tables doubled as desks, we had hybrid work environments. Maybe a small portion of your team was remote. Maybe your event brought some customers and clients onsite while others attended via live stream. Maybe an employee felt too […] continue reading

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10 Ways That Improving Your Public Speaking Will Help Your Career


You can find trends reports and predictions from LinkedIn, Google, and even Mark Cuban that will tell you that “hard skills” will only get you so far in your career. But it’s “soft skills” like critical thinking, empathy, collaboration, and communication that organizations want in their new hires and leaders — and you’ll need them […] continue reading

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How to Lead Better Virtual Meetings


Leading effective meetings is hard enough; and suddenly, we all have to be just as effective without the benefits of meeting in person. That means connecting with people, delivering a point of view, facilitating discussion, and charging toward a new action or result by the end of your meeting—all while dealing with poor video/audio connections, […] continue reading

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6 Powerful Speaking Lessons from Greta Thunberg’s UN Speech


Her back story is a doozy. She’s a 16-year old from Sweden who is dedicating her life—or at the very least her childhood—to raising global awareness for climate change. She’s blunt, she’s angry, and she’s getting airtime and awards worldwide. To arrive at the summit, she sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a sailboat powered […] continue reading

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