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Whether you’re giving a conference keynote, delivering a commencement address, or presenting to colleagues or customers, you’ll want to polish every part of your speech—from the content to the delivery. Because this kind of work is highly personal, we craft made-to-order content and coaching packages to help you to tell a compelling story and amplify your impact as a communicator.


Maybe you’re preparing to deliver a high-stakes talk, or perhaps you speak regularly and want to improve your everyday presenting skills. Either way, we’ll personalize our coaching to meet your needs. We can analyze videos of your past talks and give constructive feedback, or watch you speak in-person and coach you to improve your delivery. While typical public speaking training focuses on changing visible behaviors, we go deeper to address the underlying issues that stifle your performance. Together we’ll help you make short-term improvements and put you on the path to long-term transformation.



Whether you need a light touch or a deep analysis, our content team can prepare your talk to make it more effective. We’ll work with you to create your content from scratch, or we can review, edit and enhance it so that it communicates your big idea more clearly. We can also reshape your speech into an engaging story arc. Our writers and speaker coaches will apply proven persuasive communication and storytelling principles to shift audience beliefs and behaviors.



If you’ve nailed your content and are ready to practice in front of an audience, this public speaking workshop is for you. You’ll deliver your talk four times throughout the day and receive feedback and coaching to help you emulate the traits of the world’s best speakers: dynamism, comfort, and empathy. What’s more, our expert coaches will help you discover your hidden talents, so you can truly captivate your audience.



Duarte’s award-winning speechwriters can help you craft a great talk that will move your audience, whether they’re internal or external. We’ll start by understanding who you’re talking to and your goals. Then, we’ll help you develop your big idea and supporting content and craft it into a compelling speech that packs a lot of power into every word.


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Feel Great and Sound Spectacular

Tap into your innate charisma and get confident about your delivery by finding your physical, emotional, and mental power. You’ll find your sense of purpose and passion as our speaker coaches help you become a more comfortable, empathetic, and dynamic speaker.

Client Success

Enlightening Presentations

“Duarte understands what we’re doing in a way that makes us say it better.” - Lex Sant, Sant Foundation

After 40 years of experience in the energy industry, Roger Sant had a mission: solve the carbon pollution problem. And he wanted the whole country to help him do it. He came to Duarte with passion, determination, and decades of data. And after weeks of brainstorms, concepts, writing, visualizing, and speaker coaching, Roger took the stage with the kind of confidence that only comes from having a powerful team help you tell a great story.

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In this exclusive 45-minute webinar and Q&A, speaker coaches Doug Neff and Jeff Davenport will share a series of techniques to help you deliver comfortably, dynamically, and empathetically. Learn how to level-up your content, simply by focusing on your delivery—a week, a day, and an hour before your presentation.

What I love about working with Duarte is the confidence that I feel when I engage with them. I know the result is going to be first class. Duarte is great at bringing our ideas to life.”
Chris Twogood SVP Marketing, Teradata

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