Presentation Ideas Can Change The World

The world truly can be changed by presentations. No one could have imagined that a movie about a presentation would provoke change, generate global awareness, and even win an Academy Award. Former Vice President, Al Gore, had given his presentation hundreds of times to powerful audiences worldwide long before anyone had heard of An Inconvenient Truth. He was delivering a similar message way back in the 1970s, for instance.

While there might not be a need to change the whole world, you can certainly change your world by means of a presentation. The people featured in this book didn’t simply deliver their presentation one time and call it a day—they each delivered their presentation time and time again. They spent their lives communicating their vision over and over to many different audiences.

You may have to deliver your presentation multiple times in order to see a systematic adoption of your idea. Key communication milestones will become catalysts for your success throughout your journey to change the world. Each of these milestones is an opportunity to fine-tune your approach, pool resources, and realign the team. The ideas that are formulated during the brainstorming process have ample value—sometimes as much as the presentation itself.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.

– Victor Hugo

Below are only a few of the milestones in a product launch that included a presentation. Each one represents a critical communication stage in the product’s life cycle that is usually conveyed through a presentation:

Remember, just because you communicated your idea once doesn’t mean you’re done. It takes several presentations delivered over and over to make an idea become reality. Well-prepared presentations will speed up the adoption and change your world!

presentations play a valuable role throughout the life cycle of a product

If a business is really a decision factory, then the presentations that inform those decisions determine their quality.

– Marty Neumeier