How To Set The Tone For A Business Presentation

Set the Right Tone for your Talk

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. Create the best experience for your audience, even before they arrive in the room.


All the communication leading up to your talk will impact your credibility, so put as much thought into it as into the presentation itself. Let your audience know what to expect by sending out a useful agenda.


Special touches in the room let people know what to expect, and prime them for the experience you want them to have. Think about the mood you’d like to create, and brainstorm ways to reach your audience using all their senses.


As much as you want the audience to like you for your mind, people will make quick judgments—even subconsciously — based on your appearance. Which attire will best suit your presentation scenario?


The moment people see you, your disposition should prepare them for your message. What is the disposition that is most appropriate for your talk?