Since 1988, we’ve been honored to bring life to some of the world’s greatest presentations for leaders and brands. Our clients include almost half of the top 50 brands, notable experts, respected causes, and global consulting firms.

Our Thought Leadership


When people come together to exchange ideas, they share an experience that aligns their minds and moves them forward with unified momentum. Yet most presentations fall short of this promise, and so we dedicated our lives to making them better.

We’ve worked on thousands of presentations and studied their structures to see what made the best ones stick. We codified our learnings into The Duarte Method™ methodology designed to shape ideas into presentations that shift audience beliefs and behavior.

Sometimes an idea is so big that communicating it in one moment isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need to create a movement. So we researched societal and business movements and discovered that they follow a common pattern that’s rooted in story—we call it the VentureScape™. Great leaders understand how others feel through all stages of the VentureScape and they mobilize people using speeches, stories, ceremonies, and symbols. Whether you’re leading a company initiative or a global movement, we can help you use persuasive communication to move people to create the change you hope to realize.

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Our Culture

The Vibe

Duarte is more than just a place to work, it’s a place to express yourself, find your passion, fuel your creativity, and make lasting friendships. We’re a fun-loving, field-tripping, high-fiving bunch of people who support each other and enjoy spending time together inside the office and out.

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Our Team

At the Helm

Our leadership team is honored to have worked with the brightest minds to reshape how the world presents. We break out of the boxes, shimmy beyond boundaries, and really, really persevere to create extraordinary presentations for our clients. Get to know the leaders who chart the course.

Diandra Macias,
Chief Creative Officer

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Mark Duarte, Founder

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Nancy Duarte, CEO

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Patti Sanchez,
Chief Strategy Officer

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Is this the place for you?

It takes a special temperament to work with world leaders and major brands. If you’re smart and talented, yet humble with a work-hard play-hard attitude, we’d love to work with you.

We are constantly searching for creative souls, strategic thinkers, energetic facilitators, detailed organizers, and people passionate about presentations to join la Duarte familia.

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