3 Tips You Can Learn from Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Style

By Nancy Duarte

I love listening to Garr present. When he was here for Presentation // Reboot, he had me cackling in the back of the room each time he spoke. He has a magical style of presenting; it’s a wonderful blend of wisdom, philosophy, authenticity and wit.

Last week my team was at The Citrix Synergy event and Garr was the keynote speaker on opening day. He did a great job connecting to the audience and leaving an impact.

Here are some tips of what you can learn from his natural delivery style:

Customize your content to the audience

This is one of the first times I’ve watched a presentation on the web and could actually sense the audience’s engagement. Garr is great at customizing his content for every audience. Even during the seminars here at the shop, each day was a little bit different based on who was in the audience and what he knew about them.

Use your slides as humorous punctuation

One of Garr’s strengths is his use of slides as humorous punctuation. It works well because his delivery is fluid and the images are memorable because the way he delivers them creates an element of surprise. Have you ever met a couple who can complete each others sentences and leave a stronger impression on you than either one would have alone? That’s the type of relationship Garr has with his slides. He actually banters with his slides–they make a great couple.

Leave the audience feeling smarter

Garr’s content is insightful and applicable. After hearing him speak, you feel as though you’ve been infused with a bit of philosophy and history, while at the same time he’s effectively persuaded you to simplify and clarify your communications. His beliefs on simplicity seep in while you’re being entertained and intellectually stimulated.

Written by

Nancy Duarte

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