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We help shape ideas into presentations designed to shift audience beliefs and behaviors in their organizations, communities, and world.


Your idea deserves to be heard, and we can help. Duarte turns ideas into persuasive presentations to communicate your messages clearly, meet your goals, and exceed expectations in everything from thought leadership and sales to everyday employee communication.

What type of presentations do you deliver?

No matter your needs, Duarte offers the right mix of services, experience, and expertise. High-stakes keynotes and informal meetings. Modular presentations that address a variety of audiences. Viewer-guided and on-demand experiences. Or no slides at all – multimedia, video, whiteboards, and dynamic documents.

New Presentations

From creating story and design concepts to developing entire presentation templates and systems, Duarte can make sure your presentation makes the right impact on your audience.

Existing Presentations

Using the building blocks you already have in place—your content, presentation system, and visual assets—Duarte can enhance, revise, or redesign your existing presentations.

Device-Based Presentations

Your content must be compelling on all platforms. Whether you’ve got a presentation, book, sales tool, technical publication, or other type of collateral, Duarte can transform your message into a visually rich, easily navigable eBook, iBook, or dynamic document tailored for use on tablets and smartphones.


Sometimes your idea is best showcased and shared through multimedia, including motion graphics, videos, and animated demos. These elements can either be embedded in your presentation, or stand on their own.


Duarte has been part of hundreds of company events, doing everything from creating the theme and message strategy to crafting presentations for keynotes and break-out sessions. Onsite we live behind the scenes, supporting you with last-minute edits, coaching, and integration with the A/V team.

Duarte Services

The method to our magic

Our process may seem familiar, but there is more than meets the eye. The magic in Duarte presentations comes from our unique VisualStory™ methodology, which we use to apply storytelling visual thinking principles designed to move and motivate your audience. Not to mention 25 years of experience working with the world’s most influential businesses, institutions, causes, and authors. Please give us a call or drop us an e-mail—we’d love to talk with you.


Key messages are the building blocks for your presentation. Duarte can help you develop a set of audience-centric messages, as well as the underlying strategy for communicating each of them across a variety of channels and audiences.


Duarte’s talented writers have diverse backgrounds in journalism, debate, and marketing. They can create your entire story from start to finish or, if you already have content, they can consult with you, provide edits, or enhance as needed.


Whether you want to create a new presentation, enhance an existing one, deliver a show-stopping keynote, or enhance your everyday presentations, Duarte’s designers are up to the challenge.


Duarte employs a flexible process that is tailored to meet your specific budgets, timelines, and deliverables.  We can maximize your presentation investment by enhancing it for viewing on mobile devices, websites, documents and more.

Duarte Academy

Learn the secrets the greatest communicators use to convey their ideas. Apply story, structure and visuals to create a presentation that will change you, your company, or mankind.

Benefit from our knowledge.

We’ve spent more than two decades creating cinematic presentations for the world’s best-known brands. Learn from our experience through a series of workshops that will teach you to apply our VisualStory™ methodology, and transform your everyday communications. No matter which workshop you choose, you will leave with immediately applicable skills, and a new approach to presentations.

  • 2Day VisualStory™

    Our most comprehensive workshop, you’ll write your next presentation using the power of story structure, and storyboard slides using effective visual display of information.

  • 1Day VisualStory™

    The best of both worlds, this workshop offers insights into the basics of story content from Resonate and visual design principles from Slide:ology.

  • Resonate™

    Harness the persuasive power of stories to create exceptional communication that transforms your audience, using your own presentation as a case study.

  • Slide:ology™

    Transform an ugly set of slides into a clear visual message by turning words into pictures and simplifying complex concepts, and leave fluent in a new visual vocabulary.

Onsite Workshops

We’ll teach your team how to change their presentations, and they’ll leave ready to change your company for the better.

Cancellations and Substitutions

Everything you need to know about our public workshop cancellation policy.

Public Workshop Help

Don’t hesitate to drop us a note if you have any questions about our public workshops.