Duarte & TED Team Up

Duarte has played a significant role in TED this year and we’ve had a blast! We not only worked with several of the presenters transforming their message and slides, we also worked on some cool projects for TED sponsors, TED Prize winners, and TED Fellows.


Nancy, Diandra, Doug and Marisa

TED Fellows Presentation

TED Fellows is a new TED program that helps world-changing leaders harness the powerful TED community and amplify the impact of their remarkable projects. Fellows are drawn from many disciplines and geographies. I will be part of the selection committee that selects the final Fellows who will have a three-year journey with TED.

Eric Albertson spoke to the fellows in a 90-minute session designed specifically for them so they could improve the impact and meaning of their messages.


Photo courtesy of Joshua Wanyama, 2009 TED Fellow

GE Whiteboard Project

TED has so much brainpower in one location, and we all share the common cause of creating innovation that changes the world.

Duarte was charged with aggregating ideas from the TEDsters about how they solve some of the world’s biggest problems. GE is a top global organization who has the motivation and funding to make things happen.

We worked with GE, in collaboration with TED and Polyvision, to form an interactive space for TEDsters to help GE foster ideas and find common opportunities. We pulled together a crack team of visual facilitators to sketch ideas on Polyvision’s newly-launched eno Interactive Whiteboard.

You can catch these sketches and ideas in real-time at http://ge.ecomagination.com/ted/. Join the conversation now! Take a look and see how the TEDsters are solving the world’s biggest challenges!


Walmart’s Scorecard Wall Graphic

Walmart? Saving the planet? It’s true.

Consumers have made a significant impact on the supply chain by changing their buying behavior and thereby changing how products are manufactured and sold. But the supply chain won’t reach a tipping point unless companies who have global leverage force the industries and harvesters to change the way resources are extracted and manufactured.

Duarte created a large wall graphic that shows the impact a retailer like Walmart can have on the entire supply chain. We created a wallpaper-like texture with a ripple to show the influence Walmart has on the entire supply chain, both directly and indirectly.



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