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If you’re looking for a fast and convenient way to learn better communication skills, our online courses are a great place to start. We offer four on-demand online courses on story, visuals, and delivery to help you upskill at your own pace.


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The Duarte Method

Based on over 30 years of uplevelling communication for the world’s most successful brands, our framework helps people articulate their ideas effectively using persuasive content, purposeful visuals, and polished delivery to drive your broader strategic goals.

The Duarte Method<sup>™</sup>
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What Learners Say

“I thought the course was great! The information was good and the production quality was top notch. The Duarte team that presented all had unique styles, and I learned a lot just by focusing on how they presented. Since the course had a lot of information, I plan on re-watching it every now and then to sharpen up my skills.”

Presenting Virtually Online Course Attendee

“This was very helpful. As someone who thought they were a ‘Super User’ of PowerPoint, I learned some new tricks. I applaud the team for providing some new tricks and tools that I can apply every day.”

Slide Design Online Course Attendee

“Excellent, once again. No previous course I have attended has had this level of comprehension and education on media and the use of slides.”

Presentation Principles Online Course Attendee

“Loved it! Good structure, digestible pieces of content, lots of tips and tricks. I especially loved the case studies and the wrap up at the end of each section.”

Slidedocs Online Course Attendee

“The videos were amazing. This is by far the best online class I ever took… Usually with an online class, you tend to multitask while watching, in this one you kept my focus, this is some kind of magic!”

Resonate Online Course Attendee

“The information was delivered expertly – I was able to pause and process as needed. The notes section was perfect. In real time, I did these exercises for a project I’m working on. Very thought provoking.”

Presentation Principles Online Course Attendee

“You helped me discover lots of features I didn’t even now were there! I liked the pace, the practice file, and the high-level overview.”

Slide Design Online Course Attendee

“Thank you for such a good course, with excellent on-screen demonstrations, recaps, resources, and beautiful templates for this innovative business communication tool.”

Slidedocs Online Course Attendee

“The content was great. The delivery was engaging. Being able to go back to it over the course of a year to help the ideas sink in is hopefully going to be a big win of this course too.”

Resonate Online Course Attendee

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