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Data is everywhere now. People in roles that didn’t involve data only a few years ago, now find themselves needing to understand and communicate data well. The numbers you crunch, data you collect, and spreadsheets you wrangle are all in service of making business decisions. You’re incisive when it comes to data, but your mission is more expansive—it’s to find meaning in the numbers and recommend a course of action. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to articulate what the data is saying and synthesize insights to write a recommendation. Finally, you’ll use the language of data and story thinking to structure it in a way that creates action.

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We host public workshops year-round in cities nationwide. You can be sure to find one at our HQ in Santa Clara, CA. But, if you’d rather have us over, we’re happy to send our facilitators to train your team at your location. We travel, so you don’t have to.

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Who Enjoys DataStory?

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Engineers & Analysts

Finding the right data is one step, but establishing a point-of-view on it, before someone else does, is how you can really make a difference. Learn to translate your data into common language that others can understand.

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Analytics-Enabled Roles

In today’s data-rich world, your role is more crucial than ever. Product development, HR, L&D, and manager communicate data-rich insights to broad audiences often. This course will help you structure and frame a recommendation using StoryThinking.

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Marketing & Customer Analytics

Communicating data convincingly is key to your customer’s success. Make your insights more meaningful by structuring your recommendations, writing a summary in the form of a story, and using DataStory beats to connect others to your data.

What You’ll Get

Price $895

You’ll Learn To:

  • Be empathetic to your audience and deliver information they understand
  • Identify the role of language to describe data
  • Write clear observations about data
  • Write a recommendation for a provided case based on insights
  • Write an executive summary using story thinking
  • Structure a compelling argument with analytical data
  • Practice creating effective visuals in reports using Slidedocs® and annotations
  • Transform data into stories using story elements in the data

Bring key slides with data to review or rework towards the end of the workshop.

Decades of Research

We base our presentation workshops on our best-selling books and on our experience working with thousands of clients over 30 years in the business. Sign up for DataStory and learn to persuade with your numbers!

Our Clients

We can also bring these workshops to your location.
Explore a workshop, and contact us to learn more.

Questions & Answers

Have questions about what to expect at the DataStory Workshop?

Do I need a computer?
No. You don’t need your laptop because you’ll relearn to work with a pen and sticky notes. We call this working analog.
Can I work on my own presentation?
Yes! You’ll have the opportunity to revisit some of your key data slides from a presentation that didn’t go well. You’ll have time at the end of the class to work on these slides and get advice from the instructor.
Will you be teaching us how to create charts?
No, we have another course about Visualizing Data that will come out soon. This is not a chart-making class. That will be available via Duarte Online.
Do you offer this DataStory workshop for our team onsite at our company?
Yes! We’ll come to your office and teach your team how to build more effective data-driven stories. We always see increased confidence and better communication from people once they’ve completed the training. For an additional fee you can also have us customize work in your corporate template, using typical problematic slides from your organization.
Do you offer discounts for group enrollments?
We offer a 10% discount for groups of five or more attending a public DataStory workshop. Contact us for details.
What are your cancellation and substitution policies?
Here’s everything you need to know about our DataStory public workshop cancellation policy.
How can I contact you with questions on public workshops?
Please drop us an email at or call us at 650-625-8200.

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We’ll help you figure out which presentation skills workshop is right for you and your team. Contact us through the form to discuss onsite presentation skills workshops, public workshops, our ecourse, or anything training related.