Turn Your Data Into Action

Have you ever sat through a data presentation that made so many great points, but didn’t move you at all? 

Even though we have more data than ever before, many of us find it hard to communicate it with impact. In this virtual workshop, you’ll learn to give your data meaning by using story to build actionable recommendations that light a fire under your audience.

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  • Four 90-minute sessions of live, virtual instruction
  • Breakout sessions for attendee interaction and peer reactions
  • Interaction through Zoom functionality (including polls, chat responses, annotations)
  • Robust participant kit to enhance your experience

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  • Understand how to synthesize a data set and turn it into an actionable executive summary
  • Develop a well-structured recommendation using a three-act structure
  • Craft a data point of view (Data POV™)
  • Identify and choose clear charts and Slidedoc™ layouts
  • Make your data memorable with storytelling techniques

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Course Curriculum

Synthesize Insights
  • Synthesize a data set
  • Write chart titles
  • Write observations
Empathize with Executive Concerns
  • Understand your audience
  • Executive top concerns
Craft a Recommendation
  • Develop a recommendation
  • Strengthen strategic action
  • Write the recommendation as a Big Idea™
Organize Your Thinking
  • Write an executive summary in three acts
  • Structure with analytical thinking
  • Contrast with counterargument
Visualize Meaning
  • Make data stick
  • Overlay annotations
  • Sketch hierarchy of a Slidedoc

Learn From our Experience

All of our workshops are rooted in The Duarte Method™ and in everything we’ve learned in over 30 years in the presentation business, working with thousands of clients. We’ve figured out what works and left the rest behind. Register now and learn how to bring your ideas to life!

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Contact us to learn more about our new virtual workshops. Each workshop will be delivered via the Zoom web conferencing platform. We have created a highly interactive, everybody-contributes learning experience purpose-built to hold the interest of an online audience and help make learning stick.​

Our new virtual workshops are the perfect way to train your team, especially when in-person training is not an option.