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05.01.2013  / Episode 3: Move Your Audience

Moving is always exciting.  Duarte just moved into a great new space, and while we like moving, what we like even more than moving ourselves is helping people move their audiences. Bob and Finn got pretty excited about the move as well.  Take a look at’s latest episode: Move Your Audience. Visit to see […] Continue Reading

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02.27.2012  / Episode 2: Avoid Clichés

Bob and Finn are back for the latest episode: Avoid Clichés. If you like what you see, please share with your friends, and be sure to leave a note in the comments. You just might hear back from Bob or Finn in person! Also, visit to see all current episodes and sign up […] Continue Reading

11.22.2011  / Episode 1: Make Your Slides Count

Welcome to the very first episode of (we pronounce it “Duarte Dot Comedy”), starring our puppets, Bob & Finn. They’re both really excited about their on-camera debut, so sit back and enjoy the zaniness. If you like what you see, please share with your friends, and be sure to leave a note in the comments. You […] Continue Reading

09.09.2011  /  

It’s All Geek to Me

The description of the fictitious Turbo Encabulator has long been used by engineers to warn against the use of technobabble. It has a lengthy and fascinating history, which includes this 1977 performance by Bud Haggart. [field name=budtaggart] There is most definitely a lesson here about avoiding the use of confusing jargon in our presentations. We should […] Continue Reading

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08.04.2011  /  

Take Your Meetings by Storm…Gamestorm, That Is

The forecast for Friday, July 22nd at Duarte called for heavy downpours of creativity with intermittent showers of inspiration accompanied by flurries of sticky notes, pens and paper.  The deluge of out-of-the-box thinking began mid-morning and continued throughout the day as  Dave Gray and Sunni Brown hosted their day-long Gamestorming workshop, designed to equip individuals with tools to change […] Continue Reading


07.07.2011  /  

What Do Your Slides Say About You?

Recently, InFocus held a “What Not to Present” contest, looking for the worst PowerPoint slide ever created.  After reviewing tons of horrific submissions, they came up with their top choices, and yep, are they bad. Your slides are a visual representation of your idea and are a reflection of you.  So, we wondered what kind of people make slides […] Continue Reading


10.20.2010  /  

Presentation Help That’s Good Enough to Eat

Longtime friend of Duarte, Garr Reynolds has championed the cause of effective presentations through his blog and books for years.  Now he gives you the tools to help you create those effective presentations, all in one beautifully designed (shall we say delicious?) package. Combining his love of presentations and his love of Japanese culture, Garr packaged his presentation […] Continue Reading

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08.10.2010  /  

Double Rainbow

In our workshops we often show what great stories might look like had they been presented as PowerPoint presentations—usually to demonstrate how the typical business presentation can suck the life out of a powerful story. We wondered what the PowerPoint version of the recent Double Rainbow web video would look like.  Here is what we […] Continue Reading

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08.02.2010  /  

Great Moments in Presentation History: The Architect and the Egg

In the early 1400s, Florence, Italy was a hotbed of artistic competition. There were cathedrals to be built, giant baptistery doors to be sculpted, and lots of artists wanting to get in on the action.  Up-and-coming sculptor and architect, Filippo Brunelleschi, was one of those artists.  He had spent much of his life studying ancient […] Continue Reading

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06.24.2010  /  

Cinematic Color Choices

Here at Duarte, we help people create cinematic presentations—you know, ones that are the opposite of those word-saturated bullet-rich presentations we have all come to dread.  So, if you want your presentations to be cinematic, why not take a cue from a current movie poster trend and make your color scheme cinematic, too! The June 25th […] Continue Reading

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