The Presentation Development Process

The process for creating great visual communication is made up of three parts: Conceiving, Visualizing and Presenting.

In Conceiving, plan out what you are going to say, first focusing on the needs of our audience and how our idea can help them, then use storytelling techniques so your message will motivate your audience to act.

When you visualize information, it brings clarity to your message and solidifies content in the minds of the audience members.

When it is time to Present, authentically communicate your ideas with those who can bring your ideas into reality.

So as you conceive, visualize, and present your message, don’t skimp on preparation, even if you’re giving a short talk. (It actually takes more planning to distill ideas into a few key takeaways than it does to create an hour-long presentation.) And remember to gather lots of feedback from your audience so you’ll be all the more effective when you start the process again.