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Learn the secrets the greatest communicators use to convey their ideas. Apply story, structure, and visuals to create a presentation that has the power to change you, your company, or mankind.

Learn Presentation Best Practices

We’ve spent more than two decades creating cinematic presentations for the world’s best-known brands. Learn presentation best practices through a series of workshops that will teach you to apply our VisualStory® methodology, and transform your everyday communications. No matter which workshop or style of learning you choose, you will leave with immediately applicable skills and a new approach to presentations.

  • Online

    Learn at your own pace with self-guided training that’s flexible and accessible.

  • Public

    Enroll in the class closest to you. Workshops occur around the globe, most often at our headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

  • Corporate

    Train your team all together on your turf. We travel so you don’t have to.

Find the workshop that works for you.

We have a variety of workshops that focus on improving your storytelling, design, and delivery skills.

We’ve launched our newest workshop Captivate! Learn more about how you can improve your speaking and delivery skills in this unique one-day training.

Public workshop
Onsite Workshop
Self-paced, online
Analyze story structure
Identify Big Idea
Map audience journey and transformation
Capture your own stories
Map content to Presentation Form
Build emotional appeal
Convert words into visuals
Build analog storyboard
Choose the right type of slide
Arrange slide elements for comprehension
When to use animation
Tell a story with data
Identify and apply traits of powerful presenters
Identify and infuse passion in delivery
Learn to connect empathetically
Practice with a live audience, with feedback
Remote presenting tips
Presentation delivery insight
Measure presentation impact

VisualStory® 2 Day

Slidedocs Workshop

VisualStory® 1 Day




Persuasive Presentations Online Course

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