Story Fundamentals™ Virtual Workshop

of learners left the workshop with a story they can start to use in their business

Tell Powerful Stories​

Learn what story to tell, how to tell it well, and leverage it to truly change your audience.

What You’ll Learn in Story Fundamentals

What You’ll Learn in Story Fundamentals
  • Appreciate the ​power of story
  • Have an audience-first mindset
  • Structure stories for maximum impact

Who Benefits From Story Fundamentals?

Who Benefits From Story Fundamentals? Who Benefits From Story Fundamentals?

The Story Fundamentals virtual workshop teaches the skills necessary to move listeners with emotionally impactful stories.

In this workshop, you’ll study how story works. You’ll experience what a great story is like and then learn to apply the story structure secrets of powerful storytellers. Ultimately, you’ll walk away with the skills necessary to use stories to change the way listeners think, feel, and act.

Increase engagement with communication that matters to your audience​

Speed up decision-making by creating an emotional connection ​

Humanize your brand or your initiatives by making them relatable​

Expand your influence within your company and with your customers ​

Story Fundamentals Virtual Workshop Quotes

What Learners Say

“Great workshop that will help you start learning how to communicate better the message you want to transmit.”

Raquel F., Director

“A good way to capture your audience: be a storyteller. A good way to impact others’ lives: be a storyteller.”

Valeria T.S., MD

“If you want to tell a better story with greater impact, then you need Duarte to help you think differently on what your audience wants.”

Carmina S., Marketing Programs Specialist

“If you want excellence, hire the experts. The greater the number of courses you take, the greater your expertise will be.”

Dr. Esperanza M., Senior Professor

“This course will let me overcome my obstacles and change your situation by good story telling.”

Thomas K.

The Virtual Story Fundamentals Experience

You’ll stay engaged and entertained during this two-day live virtual workshop through group work, individual desk work, and collaborative breakout sessions with other professionals. The learning doesn’t stop when the workshop is over, though. Through four weeks of post-workshop learning emails, you’ll get the guidance you need to cement and improve your new skills

Teaching + Demos

Learn the foundational skills of storytelling from your expert facilitator

Virtual Interaction

Interact online using video/audio, chat, and breakout rooms

Individual Activities

Reflect on the stories that surround you and shape your own content into a story structure


Enjoy rich, visual experiences through visual storytelling, annotation, and more

Group Activities

Share stories and get feedback through small group activities


How to Move Your Presentation Audience With This Powerful Story Technique
How to Move Your Presentation Audience With This Powerful Story Technique
How (and Why) to Tell Killer Sales Stories
How (and Why) to Tell Killer Sales Stories

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