VisualStory® Virtual Workshop

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Use the power of story and visuals to inspire your audience

Learn how to turn your ideas into persuasive visual presentations, form a connection with your audience, and have the chance to transform them.

What You’ll Learn in VisualStory

What You’ll Learn in VisualStory
  • Conduct an audience analysis
  • Arrange visual elements for audience comprehension
  • Build emotional appeal to connect your message to the audience

Who Benefits From VisualStory?

Who Benefits From VisualStory? Who Benefits From VisualStory?

You know the data shows that information delivered with visual stories is more memorable and persuasive. But you need a method to reliably and efficiently create visual stories that move audiences to embrace your big ideas.

In the VisualStory virtual workshop, we’ll explore what makes a visually powerful slide, and help you get confident analyzing your audience and delivering messages that resonate.

Learn to think visually and apply contrast, whitespace, unity, and flow

Distill complex information into a compelling Big Idea

Craft persuasive communications using story principles

Generate unique ideas every time using a proven method

VisualStory Virtual Workshop Quotes

What Learners Say

“This is one of the most impactful learning opportunities I have had. As an in-house attorney, it’s critical to be able to communicate with impact, which means in a way that business partners can understand and remember. Wish I had taken this earlier in my 18 year legal career…”​

Jenny C., Associate General Counsel

“I found myself already using some of the things I learned within VisualStory after the first day!”​

Cassie, Director

“Duarte’s VisualStory workshop opened my eyes to a new approach when putting together persuasive presentations. It will definitely allow me to be more successful with delivering a message to my audience.”​

Ed K., Engineering Manager

“This is an incredibly useful and practical course that should be required for anyone in government who presents information.”

Kristin Brusuelas, Senior Policy Advisor

“The VisualStory virtual workshop is really beneficial to our data and analytics team. We will apply what we have learned to our daily work process, and gradually become more effective in our communications and relationship building.”

Gary Cao, VP Data and Analytics

“Wonderful training. It was well worth the time spent. The instructors are true professionals who offer great, practical concepts that can easily be put into practice!”

Jon H., Data Analytics Manager

“Great presentation tips to help your presentation be more engaging and effective.”

Sally Z., Principal

“I know I’ve delivered presentations in the past that upon reflection have missed the mark and the message has not stuck. The VisualStory workshop has provided me the tools and techniques to ensure that doesn’t happen again. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough.”

David F., Senior Architect​

The Virtual VisualStory Experience

You’ll stay engaged and entertained during this two-day live virtual workshop. You’ll do solo work, group work, and even collaborate in breakout rooms with other professionals. The learning doesn’t stop when the workshop is over. Through four-weeks of post-workshop learning emails you’ll get the practice you need to cement your new skills.

Teaching + Demos

Led by your expert facilitator

Virtual Interaction

Engage with interactive functionality including chats and annotations


Dedicated class time to work on your communication piece

Group Activities

Discuss and share your learnings within a group and with partners

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