Have you ever tried to deliver a great idea, just to see it fall flat because your public speaking skills could use some work? If you could deliver your idea effectively—comfortably, dynamically, and with empathy—your audience would hear your ideas and be persuaded, too.

This virtual workshop will teach you to communicate powerfully and effectively through our interactive, participatory, virtual learning environment, under the leadership of our world-renowned Duarte speaker coaches.


  • Four 90-minutes interactive sessions of live, virtual instruction
  • Breakout sessions for attendee delivery practice and peer reactions
  • Get real-time assessment and coaching
  • Interaction through Zoom functionality (including polls, chat responses, annotations)
  • Robust participant kit to enhance your experience

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  • Improve your understanding of what makes great speakers so effective
  • Learn specific tools for better delivery across 9 different areas of powerful communication
  • Gain insights and techniques for correcting bad communication habits and establishing better ones
  • Track your own progress and begin exploring the root causes of certain problem areas
  • Come across as Comfortable, Dynamic, and Empathetic in any public speaking setting

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What Learners Think

I’m so glad I enrolled in this class. I feel more confident and excited to create content to transform individuals in my personal life and professional career.
Divine Mon Technical Manager, Genetech
The Captivate Workshop is excellent for all professionals, regardless of level of experience. The individualized feedback and encouragement is invaluable.
Megan Green Strategy Analyst, HCA Healthcare
Amazing experience that was engaging. One day will help me for years to come.
Rajeev Goplan Director, Intel Corporation

Course Curriculum

The Value of Effective Communication
  • Learn a model for effective delivery
  • Evaluate speakers using specific criteria
  • Assess yourself using new tools
Addressing Underlying Issues through Core Work
  • Identify personal “purpose words” and their usefulness in speaking situations
  • Practice connecting your message to your personal passions
  • Uncover your own hidden advantages and perspectives
Tools for Dynamic Communication
  • Practice modulating pace, volume, and pitch and mastering the pause
  • Learn to use effective hand movements
  • Explore purposeful movement
Learning to Be More Comfortable
  • Understand the benefits of taking up space in every public speaking scenario
  • Learn to speak without fillers or equivocations
  • Practice speaking with resonance and projection
Increasing Your Audience Empathy
  • Learn how to break up sentences into easily-digestible chunks
  • Discover the best ways to connect with audiences
  • Recognize and respond to common audience reactions

Learn From our Experience

All of our workshops are rooted in The Duarte Method™ and in everything we’ve learned in over 30 years in the presentation business, working with thousands of clients. We’ve figured out what works and left the rest behind. Register now and learn how to bring your ideas to life!

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Contact us to learn more about our new virtual workshops. Each workshop will be delivered via the Zoom web conferencing platform. We have created a highly interactive, everybody-contributes learning experience purpose-built to hold the interest of an online audience and help make learning stick.​

Our new virtual workshops are the perfect way to train your team, especially when in-person training is not an option.