Captivate™ Virtual Workshop

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Communicate powerfully and effectively

Learn to engage your audience and come across as comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic when you speak.

What You’ll Learn in Captivate

What You’ll Learn in Captivate
  • Recognize your own areas of strength and development
  • Practice techniques to elevate your
    speaking skills
  • Demonstrate the signs of a comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic speaker

Who Benefits From Captivate?

Who Benefits From Captivate? Who Benefits From Captivate?

Our public speaking workshops go far beyond your typical speaker coaching. Under the leadership of world-renowned speaker coaches, you’ll discover your core strengths and develop the traits of the world’s most captivating speakers: dynamism, comfort, and empathy.

In the Captivate virtual workshop, we’ll explore what makes great speakers so effective, and help you deliver your ideas with confidence and clarity.

Learn specific tools for better delivery across 9 different areas of powerful communication

Gain insights and techniques for correcting bad communication habits and establishing better ones

Track your own progress and begin exploring the root causes of certain problem areas

Come across as Comfortable, Dynamic, and Empathetic in any public speaking setting

Captivate Virtual Workshop Quotes

What Learners Say

“This is one of the best virtual experiences on elevating presentation skills with great peer feedback & coaching built into consumable chunks.”​

Lucy C., Sr. Director, Salesforce

“The Duarte workshops have given me some very actionable steps to follow for my presentations to be more engaging and more effectively deliver the desired message. Additionally, there’s plenty of advice and material for continuous improvement no matter where you are on the speaking spectrum.”

Tim S., Sr. Technical Lead, Cisco Systems

“I learned more in 5 hours about myself and ways to tackle my greatest challenge public speaking than I’ve learned through 25 years in industry. Best 5 hours only wish there was more!”

Lynn S., Division VP Sales

“I learned so much from this workshop in the course of one day! Presenting and public speaking has always been my number one fear, but Duarte provides a safe and comfortable space to work on these skills and I feel much more confident now in delivering my presentations.”

Ami, UX Researcher

“Digital meetings cause us to lose something important: empathy & interaction. Duarte training sessions will make them possible even through your webcams!”

Ozkan K., Data Scientist, Cisco Systems

“My Duarte class offered me practical advice that I could implement immediately in my daily work life and provided me things to work on long term.”

Courtney R., VP Federal Government Relations

The Virtual Captivate Experience

You’ll stay engaged and entertained during this two-day live virtual workshop. You’ll do solo work, group work, and even collaborate in breakout rooms with other professionals. The learning doesn’t stop when the workshop is over. Through four-weeks of post-workshop learning emails you’ll get the practice you need to cement your new skills.

Teaching + Demos

Learn from your expert facilitator with ample opportunity to ask questions

Virtual Interaction

Engage with interactive functionality including chats and annotations

Live Practice Assessment

Present to your facilitator and other participants to receive personalized feedback

Group Activities

Stretch your delivery capabilities via exercises and peer reactions in small breakout sessions

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