Below are three quick PowerPoint tip videos for upleveling your presentation template.

How to Set Up a Grid System

Grid systems are often used in print and online media to provide a consistent structure to visual communications. Utilizing a grid system in a presentation can allow elements to be displayed in consistent locations, facilitating the absorption of information. In addition, a grid can serve as a guide for employees creating presentations, helping them to know where to place design elements. This helps a company achieve a higher level of consistency between presentations and slides, giving an overall organization to the company’s visual communication.

How to Set Up Color Chips in PowerPoint

Color is a crucial part of a brand’s visual expression. A consistent treatment of your brand’s colors will help to make sure that people are able to “lock” their positive experiences to your brand’s specific visual cues. While many companies have corporate colors selected for various pieces of collateral, it is imperative that those same colors find themselves into the presentations, as often those presentations are used in key decision making engagements. Rather than simply trying to encourage people to use the right colors, update your template’s color palette so that the company’s colors are within easy access of each user by placing the colors in the presentation’s default color chips.

How to Set Up Default Design Elements in PowerPoint

In order for your employees to create presentation graphics that are on-brand, you need to provide them with tools which will facilitate this process. Often, when presentation templates are created, there are lots of example shapes, lines and other elements which people can use as starting points. But one easy way to help people create graphics that align with your look and feel is to set the default shapes, lines and text box formatting so that on-brand elements will be produced whenever a person generates a new shape, line or text box.

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