VisualStory® 1 Day

Presentation software is one of the few tools that require professionals to think visually on a daily basis. Yet, effective visual expression is not easy, natural or actively taught in schools. Duarte’s VisualStory® 1Day workshop fills the void.  Through collaborative exercises, you will learn and practice the skills needed to more deeply connect with your audiences – and visually display your message for a memorable presentation and call-to-action. You’ll leave understanding:

  • Why presentations miss the mark
  • Presentation spectrum – and choosing the best tool to deliver the message
  • Audience and speaker analysis – and building common ground between both
  • Structure and story – and creating your story using the Duarte PresentationMap
  • Design Thinking
    • Presentation clarity – define Signal and Noise
    • Visualize information – tools to turn words into pictures
    • Arrange elements for clear communication
    • Convey visual unity

This one-day VisualStory® workshop delivers insights into the basics of story content from Resonate and visual design principles from Slide:ology. Learn how to create content that connects to an audience and how to arrange information so it’s displayed meaningfully.

What You’ll Learn

A new presentation development process that will change your approach to communicating persuasively through presentations. The shift in your mindset will impact your career and organization. Throughout the day, we delve into:

  • Why presentations miss their mark and how yours can stand out
  • Understand how to connect to an audience creating common ground and emotional appeal
  • Structure and story – built using the PresentationMap
  • How to think like a designer – visual design for engaging presentations

See what it’s like to attend the workshop:

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