Webinar, Seminar and Stuff, oh My!

By Nancy Duarte

VizThink webinar

The last webinar I did for VizThink had almost 12,000 people watch it. Man, folks are hungry for really great presentations. Here’s a podcast they did with me yesterday. It was a different experience to navigate through a PDF instead of having slides.

So for the upcoming VizThink webinar, I’ll be presenting with three folks who I admire and adore. Check out their bios here. Each of us will present for an hour. You can either attend all the sessions or only one. They are charging for them this time but you’ll be completely revolutionized by the content, so what’s that new promotion worth to ya?

slide:ology Fall Seminar Schedule

In other exciting news, we’ve posted our slide:ology Fall seminar schedule. We’ll be hosting three events here at our offices in Mountain View, California in our presentation hall that we fondly call “the garage”.  This full-day seminar is jam-packed with design fundamentals, tips and tricks from the book, interactive brainstorming and plenty of great visual examples to deconstruct. We even cater a yummy lunch. So sign up now because only 45 people can come to each event. We want to keep the sessions small so the workshops can be collaborative.

We’ll also be announcing soon a seminar we’re pulling together with Garr Reynolds. It’ll be downtown San Jose the week of March 16th. More info to come soon.

Duarte’s 20 Year Anniversary

Since we currently have a limited following (but fanatical none the less) we’d like to invite you to a great little party at the Computer History Museum here in Mountain View.. We’re celebrating Duarte’s 20 year anniversary and signing the book! Here is the official invite flyer. So if you’re local, you’re welcome to come!

Hopefully when you see the book, you’ll have the same reaction I did. I kissed it, then I smelled them (fresh printed books smell so cool) and then I ran around the office like an idiot yelling “it’s here, it’s here”.

The books are selling well and it’s a thrill. Thanks to you all.

Nancy taking out her Slide:ology books from the box after being printed. She has an excited facial expression

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