Use PowerPoint As A Presentation Software And Telepromp

Compose Teleprompter Notes.

What if you have to deliver several presentations per month, each customized for a different audience? (For example, Think of sales pitches tailored to corporate clients.) In situations like that, it’s impossible to memorize what you’ll say every time—and you shouldn’t have to.

For decades, great orators have relied on note cards, note paper, even full scripts to help them remember what to say. You can use bulleted slides as teleprompter material—but again, don’t project them. You’ll run into the same problem if you’d projected a document and hosted a read-along. They’ll be bored! Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, didn’t show any slides at her eloquent TEDWomen presentation called “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders.” But when the camera panned to her view of the audience, you could see her bulleted slides on a comfort monitor. Those slides were her teleprompter notes, and she was the only person in the room viewing them.

If you’re using PowerPoint to compose teleprompter notes, write them in “Notes” view, and then go to the “Set Up Slide Show” Menu. Then, after you attach your projector, select “Show Presenter View.” Everything in your notes will appear on your laptop screen or comfort monitor, and only your slides will project behind you. Bring printouts of your teleprompter notes in case there are any technological difficulties. Ideally, you should be prepared to give your entire presentation without any technology whatsoever.