Corporate Event Presentations

A great presentation takes an audience on a journey. It connects with them both rationally and emotionally. It tells them a single, powerful story—from start to finish.

Duarte Event Services

At Duarte, we believe that corporate events have the potential to do the same. And we believe that events, like presentations, must first be viewed through the lens of the audience: What are they hoping to gain from the event? What will inspire them? How can we help them leave the event more prepared for the challenges that lie ahead? And what are we asking them to do when they return home? These are the same types of questions we ask ourselves when developing a great presentation, and so we take a similar approach to helping organizations plan and execute events.

As true believers in the power of story to ignite audiences, we believe that every creative decision should be made with the entire attendee journey in mind—from the anticipation they feel before the event to the commitment they make when they leave. We believe that our VisualStoryTM methodology—which combines storytelling and visual thinking principles—lends itself perfectly to the development of an extraordinary event experience.

Tell a Powerful Story from Start to Finish

An event is more than just a collection of keynotes
and breakout sessions—it is an opportunity for your organization to strengthen important relationships, generate excitement and loyalty, and reinforce your brand. That’s why we take a holistic approach to events, with services that support clients at every stage of event planning and production.

Event Messaging and Strategy

Duarte’s creative team works closely with clients to develop core messaging, event themes, communications strategies, and visual styles that support the event’s objectives and establish a unique event identity. With these core elements in place, Duarte coordinates with production teams and other partners to ensure that the messaging and visual styles are applied appropriately and consistently throughout the event experience. This process often results in assets and collateral that can be leveraged for attendee communications, signage and experience design, staging and lighting concepts, and more.

Keynote Presentations

Keynote presentations are a rare opportunity to communicate with all of your customers, employees, or partners at once—and well-crafted presentations have the unique power to motivate and activate your audience.

As a result, it is incredibly important to communicate
a clear, consistent, and compelling message that the audience will remember. Duarte works with keynote presenters to craft and design their presentations—and to build a story arc that connects one speaker to the next. We also collaborate with production teams to ensure that we are taking full advantage of the technology at the event and optimizing the presentation for screen dimensions, room size, and event theme.

Breakout Session Presentations

Every presentation at an event should maintain a consistent level of content and visual quality to enhance the attendee experience. Duarte can create new breakout session presentations that are consistent with the keynote presentations and a visual style that matches the rest of the event. We can also enhance existing presentations to ensure consistency: beautify existing graphics, reduce on-slide word count, and look for ways to better visualize important information.

Presentation and Visual Systems

From keynote sessions to breakouts to product expos, it is crucial that all visual communications appear consistent and cohesive. To that end, Duarte develops presentation and visual systems that are both visually stunning and easy for your team to manage. These systems include presentation templates, core graphics and iconography, and simple guidelines that empower presenters to build compelling presentations of their own. We also work with production companies and other agencies to help translate the visual system we have created into attendee materials, environmental design, and signage.

Multimedia Presentation Production

Event attendees have come to expect more than just presentations and breakout sessions—they want a show. Video, animation, and interactive experiences can be powerful tools for reinforcing your message, setting the tone of your event, and connecting with your audience on an emotional level. Duarte’s multimedia team develops dynamic videos and animations that play before, within, or between presentations—all inspired by the event theme and tailored for the event space. We can also create environmental videos and graphics that are displayed in high traffic areas to reinforce key event messages and build an immersive experience for attendees.

On-Site Presentation Support

No two events are alike, but they all have one thing in common—the last-minute hustle. Duarte’s on-site team coordinates with the event A/V team and Stage Manager

to meticulously test, proof, and optimize presentations and videos for the event space. We focus on the technical aspects of your presentations and multimedia pieces
so that you can focus on communicating your message effectively and providing event attendees with an unforgettable experience. We also work directly with speakers to refine their messaging, graphics, or delivery and offer speaker coaching during rehearsal to ensure that presenters are 100% comfortable with their presentations before they take the stage.

Post-Event Follow-up

When executed correctly, an event builds momentum over time and then sends attendees back into the world inspired to take action. But how do you continue to fuel this fire even after the event is over? Duarte works with marketing, sales, and event teams to build enduring materials that extend the life of the event. These can include revised and reformatted presentations that can be delivered in a variety of settings, creative uses of video captured at the event, and sales tools that leverage event messaging and/or visuals.