Adaptive Listening™

Cultivate trust and gain traction by adapting how you listen and respond to the needs of others.

Adaptive Listening on-demand course

Ways to learn
  • Discover your personal S.A.I.D. Listening Style™
  • Determine the speaker’s interaction goals and emotional needs for more empathetic listening
  • Adapt your listening and response for the speaker in various workplace situations

We spend more than half our workday listening to other people. But are we really any good at it?

A lot of the inefficiencies, tensions, and strained relationships in the workplace come down to poor listening skills. But listening is more than just “paying attention” or “not interrupting.” Great listeners uncover the speaker’s goals and needs and adapt the way they listen to help the speaker meet them.

People who implement speaker-focused listening can better connect with leaders, peers, direct reports, and external stakeholders.

We don’t all listen the same way. And most of us are unaware of the way we listen. Some people listen to “soak it all in,” others to “uncover red flags,” some to “fix for the future,” and some to “be there for the other person.” Organizations need all types of listeners but at the right time and place.

In this workshop, you’ll not only uncover your S.A.I.D. Listening Style™, you’ll learn how to adapt your listening for the speaker.

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What’s your S.A.I.D. Listening Style™?

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