The Perfect Meeting Document

How Will You Use Slidedocs as Meeting Documents?

Simply put, slidedocs communicate on your behalf. When information needs to be conveyed without the help of a formal presenter, slidedocs serve this purpose

/1 As a Meeting Pre-Read

The most effective conversations happen when everybody is fully informed. By distributing a slidedoc before a meeting, you can reserve a majority of the meeting for building consensus. This is particularly helpful when the topic is highly complex
or technical.

/2 As an Emissary

People in positions of influence will sometimes say, “Send me your slides” before they’ll book a meeting with you. Slidedocs help you fully explain your idea without being there.

/3 As Reference Material

Information should enhance a conversation, not distract from it. Combining words and visuals around a single idea makes it easier for people to refer to the information in the heat of a discussion.

/4 As Follow-Up Material

Presentations often answer the question, “Why should I embrace your idea?” After a formal presentation, people need answers to the question, “How do I embrace your idea?” Follow up with details so they can help you push forward. This is why slidedocs make great modular sales collateral.