Webinar: Persuasive
Visual Storytelling

Motivate People To Support Your Ideas

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Being a great communicator means more than having great conversations. Professionally, persuasive communication can mean getting your budgets approved, getting active support for your initiatives, and even advancing your position in your company.

Experts say that there are at least 35 million presentations delivered worldwide each day – so how can you be sure that yours is one that stands out from the rest and sells your ideas?

You can start by telling a good story.

In this 45-minute webinar with Q&A, Duarte’s VP of Academy, Laura Wall Klieves, teaches you the basics of how to tell an effective visual story in a presentation.

You’ll learn:

  • To harness the power of storytelling to engage an audience and motivate them to act
  • The essential ingredients in the best presentations
  • How to get your audience to believe something new
  • How to find common ground when presenting to a large audience full of strangers
  • How to visually enhance the most important data on your slide and kill the rest

Meet the Speaker

Laura Wall KlievesLAURA WALL KLIEVES, VP of Academy Laura joined Duarte in 2010, just months after our first Slide:ology workshop was created. She’s been instrumental in transforming the content of Nancy Duarte’s award-winning books into instructor-led workshops, and an award-winning ecourse. She’s not only responsible for business operations, but she also facilitates workshops, where she weaves in stories from her extensive experience in great visual design and storytelling.