Webinar: Get Ready to Deliver
Deep-Dive Q&A Session

A Deep-Dive Q&A Session with Doug Neff and Jeff Davenport

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As a follow-up to our sold-out public speaking webinar, we’re hosting an in-depth Q&A session with Duarte’s executive speaker coaches.

We’ll answer your questions about public speaking, preparing to deliver a presentation, and moving your audience. We’ll start with tips on:

  • Relating to an unknown audience
  • Handling and overcoming anxiety
  • Virtual presentations and what to do differently
  • Preparation techniques when your access to the room is limited
  • Moving beyond memorizing your content

Doug NeffDOUG NEFF, Content Director and Speaker Coach
Doug Neff is a speechwriter, facilitator, and speaker coach with over 15 years of experience working with speakers from Duarte’s extensive client list. He loves awakening natural talents and building confidence in people of all experience levels.


Jeff Davenport

JEFF DAVENPORT, Content Consultant and Speaker Coach
Jeff Davenport is a public speaker, speechwriter, and screenwriter. He currently works with Duarte’s clients as a content consultant and speaker coach. A recovering wallflower, Jeff loves helping the shy and timid find their voice so they can move an audience.